Africa and South Africa: Cardinals Call for Change of Behavior Regarding Condoms

Source: FSSPX News

On the airwaves of Radio Vatican, Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, archbishop of Durban (South Africa) denounced the attitude of many South African politicians who advocate the use of condom as the sole remedy to the progress of AIDS. Cardinal Napier declared: “He who wants to remedy a problem must go to its cause. And the cause is first of all sexual promiscuity. This is why the Church insists upon the necessity of a change of behavior.”

For the prelate, it is the direction taken by the policy of the Ugandan government, which is presently bearing fruits. The rate of people with the AIDS virus has clearly diminished in this country. Whereas the opposite is observed in South Africa where, in spite of condoms, the rate remains very high.

Cardinal Theodore Adrien Sarr, archbishop of Dakar (Senegal) and president of the Regional Bishops’ Conference of French West Africa (ACERAC), spoke along the same line on the airwaves of Radio Vatican. He mentioned the fight of Christians and Muslims against AIDS in Senegal. For him, the regression of the disease does not consists in the use of condoms. The Senegalese prelate stated that, upon a request from the president of the country, he was going to commit himself to promote abstinence and fidelity. And he added that if today the rate of AIDS infection had declined, it was mainly due to religious communities who drew attention to the importance of a moral behavior. Such a disposition is rendered more difficult in some countries, because of different customs, he added. Acknowledging that Africa differs from Western countries in its habits, he affirmed that there are in Africa communities where fidelity and abstinence have their full meaning.

For the record, the African bishops had reacted against the use made of the words of Benedict XVI during his visit, by publishing a declaration of the ACERAC on March 27, 2009. The text signed by Cardinal Theodore Adrien Sarr, president of the ACERAC, and by Fr. Barthelemy Adoukonou, general secretary of the ACERAC, stated: “It is a crime against mankind to deprive children, teen-agers and young people from the training needed for his mind to master the body and its impulses which is called sexual education. In this sense, advertisements for and distribution of condoms could well be nothing else than irresponsibility and a crime against mankind. (Sources: APIC/Radio Vatican)