“Agatha Christie” Mystery in the Vatican: Continued...

Source: FSSPX News

Emmanuela Orlandi, daughter of an employee of the prefecture of the Pontifical House, a citizen of the Holy See, disappeared in Rome on June 22, 1983 when she was 15 years old. No serious leads could be found, nor could any clue substantiate the numerous suppositions that this affair has fueled.

During the summer of 2018, the Orlandi family received an anonymous letter, which suggested that they go look for the remains of the girl in the Teutonic cemetery, “where the angel points.”  In fact, in this cemetery on the grounds of the Vatican, there are two tombs each of which is surmounted by an angel waving.

On the order of the Vatican Justice Promoter, Gian Piero Milano, the two graves were opened on July 11, 2019, in the presence of an expert appointed by the Orlandi family, but they were empty...

However, so as not to rule out any lead, it was decided to examine the two ossuaries located in the basement of the Pontifical Teutonic College, where some bones found during work were deposited in the 1970s. Thousands of bones or bone fragments were extracted on July 20th.

These bones were analyzed by experts on July 27 and 28. At the end of this examination, Dr. Giovanni Arcudi, in charge of the case, declared they had found “no bone structure dating back to a period later than the end of the 19th century,” as announced by the Vatican in a statement.

The affair seems closed, closing the door on its mystery...until the next unexpected development?