Algeria: 52 Algerian imams sent to France

Source: FSSPX News

On May 26, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah, Algerian minister for religious affairs, announced that 52 Algerian imams would be sent to France this year for “orientation, educational and cultural missions for benefit of the Moslem community”.  “You owe it to yourselves to be the worthy representatives of your country and your religion,” Ghlamallah insisted during a meeting with the imams, according to the Algerian news agency APS, cited by AFP.  These imams will also have the task of “promoting Algeria’s ideas and visions in matters of religion”, highlighting notions such as tolerance and the battle against extremism, the minister explained.  They would be accompanied by murshidat (men responsible for preaching and orientation), whose purpose would be to contact Algerian families on French soil.

Bertrand Godard, a consultant for the Bureau of Religions in the French Ministry of the Interior, noted that the number of Moslem worship sites in France has increased from 400 in 1980 to around 2,000 currently.