An Anti-Abortion Maltese Ascends to the Presidency of the European Parliament

Source: FSSPX News

Mrs. Roberta Metsola

Roberta Metsola, a Maltese MEP from the European People's Party (EPP), was elected the new president of the European Parliament on Tuesday, a position she had held on an interim basis for a week when her predecessor, the Italian David Sassoli, died.

The election of the one who was interim president since the death of David Sassoli, who was the previous president, is not a surprise. Indeed, at the end of the 2019 European elections, won by the EPP, the latter had to unite with the Liberals (Renew) and the Social Democrats (S&D) to form a parliamentary majority.

It was agreed that a socialist would occupy the perch for the first half of the mandate and that a conservative would succeed him from January 2022. This was done with the election of Roberta Matsola by 458 votes for out of 690.

Malta is the only country in Europe where abortion is still completely prohibited. Mrs. Metsola defends this position. She is the mother of four children and likes to present her life as a modern woman, openly hostile to abortion, like many Maltese.

The new President of the European Parliament has taken part in demonstrations demanding that her country, Malta, be excluded from any pro-abortion legislation in the European Union. And as an MEP, she voted against all parliamentary resolutions in favor of abortion.

Some were offended by it. Thus, Manon Aubry: “an anti-abortionist at the head of the European Parliament is a terrible symbol forty-two years after Simone Veil and while thousands of Polish women have been marching in the streets for more than a year to defend the right to dispose of their bodies.”

But Mrs. Metsola's convictions do not seem ironclad. She has assured that she would put the position of the European Parliament before her personal ideas. Including regarding the right to abortion, to which the majority of MEPs are attached, but over which they cannot claim any competence.

Moreover, the new President of the European Parliament defends progressive positions. This is how she supports all the theses of the LGBT lobby, including homosexual “marriage” and adoption by same-sex couples.