Argentina: Senators Pass Law in Favor of “Homosexual Marriage”

Source: FSSPX News

The Argentinian Parliament building

On July 15, Argentina became the first Latin American country to authorize “homosexual marriage”, when a law was passed that also allows a homosexual couple to adopt children.

The Catholic Church had organized a large rally in front of Congress on July 13, the eve of the debate over the bill.  President Cristina Kirchner had also run a parallel campaign for a referendum on the matter, but unsuccessfully.  The bill, supported by the president's central-left government, was passed with 33 votes for, 27 against and three abstentions after 15 hours of debates. 

Cristina Kirchner had criticized the Churches arguments that, according to her, are a return to “the Inquisition”.  “Church, filth, you are dictatorship!”, chanted hundreds of members of homosexual organizations in front of the Senate, while the Catholic demonstrators responded by reciting prayers or displaying images of the Virgin Mary. 

There were some brief confrontations and the police were obliged to separate the demonstrators. “A serious prejudice is being done to society”, declared Msgr. Alfonso Delgado, archbishop of the province of San Juan (west) on July 15.  He considers that this bill “does not have the necessary social legitimacy”, for it does not take into account the opinion of the majority in the rest of the country, far from Buenos Aires, the capitol. 

Certain priests had, however, supported the bill in favor of homosexual marriage.  One was forbidden to celebrate Mass in the province of Cordoba . The only response of this cleric, Fr. Nicolas Alessio, pastor of Cordoba, capitol of the province, was to declare: “I believe more in the Gospel than in the codes of Canon Law.  I shall therefore celebrate Mass this Sunday, unless they throw me in prison”