An Arizona Law Regarding Embryos Leaves Pro-Choice Partisans Furious

Source: FSSPX News

In the state of Arizona, a law on frozen embryos came into effect on July 1, 2018; henceforth, custody of the embryo will be granted to the party intending to allow its birth.

In the United States, there are millions of frozen embryos today, and this inevitably causes an increase in the number of conflicts about whether or not to preserve them. So far, American magistrates have often ruled in favor of the person refusing to use the embryos, sometimes ordering them to be destroyed on the pretext that no one can be forced to become a parent.

The new law that came into effect on July 1 could have an impact on the debate over the beginning of human life. Indeed, it confirms the position of doctors who consider that frozen embryos are not just simple tissue masses over which people have a right of ownership, but human beings with their own rights.

Consequently, the anger in the pro-choice circles knows no bounds. For if a one-day-old frozen embryo has a right to life, what about the embryo peacefully growing in its mother’s womb? This new law could thus lead to questioning the murder of unborn children.

 A Few Reminders 

A being is not human by reason of its qualities, capacities, or performances, but simply by reason of its nature. The human embryo belongs to the human race, to the family of men, of all men, like every one of us. It is therefore a human being.

A frozen human embryo that does not have a “parental plan” is called a “supernumerary” embryo. Is it possible to say of a man that he is one too many? Is there such thing as a supernumerary adult?

An embryo with no “parental plan” becomes an “object” to be disposed of, a thing that can be kept in a freezer; that can be destroyed, thus killing a baby human; that can be used in experiments for scientific research, thus turning it into lab material.

At the risk of sinking deeper into barbary and “chromosomic racism” that hide behind other names, God’s exclusive rights over all creatures urgently need to be recognized.