Australia: The archbishop of Melbourne denounces abortion.

Source: FSSPX News


The question of abortion has come up again recently on the Australian political scene by the Minister of Health, Rony Abott. He published data revealing 100,000 cases of abortion per year in the country. The minister has again called into question the aid and medical assistance of the State due to women who want to abort, while the archbishop of Melbourne denounced once again the practice of abortion.

“Human beings, whether they be young or old, have the same right to live. The Catholic Church has always been marked by the protection of human life from conception. Abortion signifies ending a human life in its mother’s womb: it’s a fact which is proven also by scientific analyses and photographs”, declared Msgr. Denis James Hart.

Politicians had hoped to reduce the number of abortions, while leaving intact the “right to choose of the pregnant woman”. On this point, the archbishop of Melbourne declared that the discussion was centered around a legitimate comprehension vis-à-vis the woman and her problems, but that one could not ignore on the other hand the rights of the pre-born child, the “silent other party”. “As a society, declared the archbishop, we must reflect in a more profound and clear manner on the question of the beginning, of the value and of the end of human life.”