Australia: Melbourne authorities ban the feast of Christmas.

Source: FSSPX News


Officially, the feast of Christmas will not take place in Melbourne. The administration and the municipal authorities have received the orders to banish the term "Christmas" and to talk only of the "festive season" in official acts. The Mayor, Susan Riley has taken this measure out of respect for the city’s multicultural society.

At the same time, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (Afic) has created a financial partnership with the Victoria University, whose campus is situated outside Melbourne. This Islamic University would thus welcome students from southeast, north and western Asia.

The University also envisages the possibility of collaborating with Afic to attract Muslim students, without necessarily giving them board and lodging. These modes of residence are not yet settled, and discussions started in the middle of 2002, are continuing between representatives of Afic and Victoria University.

The latter already oversees food and lodging on other campuses for Muslim students, offering them prayer rooms and "halal" food. It also provides food and lodging for other multicultural communities.

According to the officials of Victoria University, favorable arrangements for Muslim students encourages their families to send them abroad to study.