Australia: A priest says he is prepared to wed homosexual couples

Source: FSSPX News

Father Bob Maguire, parish priest in Melbourne, in southern Australia, has said he is prepared to wed homosexual couples. 

Seventy-five years old and known for his ultra-progressive opinions, he declared to the daily newspaper The Herald Sun dated February 15th, that it was his “duty as pastor to care for the needy. Homosexual couples fall into that category.”

In the federal state of Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital, same-sex couples can have their union registered with the civil authorities, but Bishop Les Tomlinson, auxiliary bishop and vicar general of the archdiocese of Melbourne, reaffirmed that ceremonies uniting same-sex couples were not permitted in “any of the churches of the archdiocese and that a marriage may only be celebrated between a man and a woman.” –

This priest of seventy-five years of age is an ultra-progressive, and that is reassuring. Progressivism is not going to last much longer.