Austria: Muslim conversions on the rise

Source: FSSPX News

Vienna cathedral.

According to an announcement by the Austrian newspaper Kurier, published on April 14, 2016, almost half of the 83 adults baptized in Vienna since the beginning of the year have been Muslims, in other words, a third more than in 2015. Most of the converts are refugees from Iran, Syria or Afghanistan. The archdiocese of Vienna apparently receives 5 to 10 requests a week.

Kurier tells the story of a young Afghani who arrived in Austria in 2012 and chose Christopher as his baptismal name. He explained to the Austrian newspaper that he “never felt right in Islam” and that even before coming to Europe, he was looking for “an alternative” to his original religion. While still living in Afghanistan, he had got a friend to give him a Bible. Fascinated, he says he read the book “every day in secret”. After being kidnapped by the Taliban, he was able to escape and leave his country.

Ever since his conversion, Christopher has avoided the Aghani community in Austria, “for fear of retaliation”. But he affirms that nothing could turn him away from his faith, insisting that “Christianity is the true religion” and that for him, “there is no going back.”

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