The Baker from Colorado Has No Intention of Being Taken to the Cleaners

Source: FSSPX News

Jack Phillips.

It all started on July 19, 2012: because of his religious convictions, Jack Phillips, an Evangelical baker in Colorado, refused to accept an order from two men about to contract a civil union.

In this State in the Rockies, “homosexual marriage”, that became legal everywhere in the country with the 2015 Supreme Court decision, was illegal in 2012, and the union had to be celebrated in Massachusetts.

The homosexual couple filed a complaint for his refusal, based on a law in Colorado that forbids any sort of discrimination in businesses. The court ruled in their favor, as did the appeals court.

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, where the baker was heard on November 5, 2017.

A Defense of the US First Ammendment

In the hopes of winning, the defense presented the client as a defender of freedom of speech, a right protected by the First Amendment of the American Constitution. Jack Phillips considers himself not as a simple baker, but as an artist, who is free to choose his works. And the argument hit home.

Jack Phillips now has the support of twenty States, dozens of members of Congress (86), and many Christian groups. He even rallied the Trump administration to his cause.

This case is an emblematic example of the central role of the United States Supreme Court in the interpretation of laws. The verdict is expected in June of 2018.