Beatifications of eight martyrs from the Spanish Civil War

Source: FSSPX News


On October 29, Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, head of the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints, presided the Mass of beatification of seven priests and one Sister who died martyrs during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). – In June 2004, John-Paul II had beatified 65 Spanish martyrs.

Sister Maria de los Angeles Ginard Marti, and the priests from the diocese of Urgel Josep Tapies i Sirvant, Francesco Castells Brenuy, Joan Perot Juanmarti, Josep Boher, Pasqual Araguas Guardia, Pere Martret Moles and Silvestro Arnau Pasquet have been inscribed on the roll of the Blessed.

After the Mass, Benedict XVI addressed a few words to the faithful, presenting these martyrs as "a living example of sacerdotal identity and religious consecration". The seven "priests from the diocese of Urgel sacrificed their lives during the religious persecution in Spain, for the sake of their fidelity to the priestly ministry they exercised with much devotion in the parochial communities entrusted to them", he explained in Spanish. " Bearing testimony to their priestly condition and forgiving their persecutors, the priests of the diocese of Urgel gave their life while invoking the King of the Universe". The pope expressed the wish that these martyrs may " intercede for the diocese of Urgel and the other Spanish dioceses, for priestly and religious vocations, and for the increase of Christian virtues in all the faithful"

On the occasion of these beatifications, Santiago Macias, vice-president of the Association for the recovery of Historical Memory (ARHM), which works to rehabilitate the Spanish Republicans killed by the supporters of Franco, reproached the Catholic Church with "beatifying her martyrs" without "asking forgiveness for her participation in the [Spanish] Civil War" and the regime of Franco.