Belgium: A manifesto for “the reform of the Catholic Church”

Source: FSSPX News

The French daily newspaper La Croix on its website “Urbi-Orbi,” on December 2, 2011 reported that Flemish priests and laity are calling for an urgent reform of the Church. Their claims include, in part: communion for the divorced and remarried, ordination of married men and of women and lay access to preaching.

Father Johan Dekimpe, a 69 year old priest from Courtrai, is the initiator of this petition which has raised 5,500 signatures to date. The signatories include not only the priests and laity, but also such prominent people as Roger Dillemans, rector emeritus of the Catholic University of Louvain, and Paul Breyne, Governor of West Flanders.

According to the petitioners, the current organizational forms of the parishes no longer correspond to  reality. They say that it is time to “find new ways to break the impasse” of the priest shortage. The signatories of this manifesto are convinced that their voice as Christians will be heard by the bishops and that they “will be ready to promote a dialogue on these necessary and urgent reforms.” - And absolutely schismatic! (Source: La Croix - DICI No. 247 of 12/23/11)

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