Belgium: Muslem Worship in a Church

Source: FSSPX News

The muezzin's call has resounded for three weeks in the church Saint-Lambert in Jumet, Belgium, near Charleroi.  The muslem community from the neighboring city of Gilly being unable to use their mosque because of a question of a town-planning permit, the parish priest, Henry Rémy, 89 years old, opened his church to them in the end of April.  To be able to celebrate their worship, the muslems had to cover all the crosses in the religious edifice every day after the Mass.  When interrogated by a journalist from the Belgian TV RTL-TVI, one of the members of the community explained quite simply that “we cannot have a cross in front of us when we pray”.  Far from bothering the parish priest, this presence is on the contrary a unique occasion for “dialogue”: “We pray to the same God but each in our own way,” he declares.  The dean of Gilly, who is in charge of the church of Jumet, lost no time authorizing this fraternal welcome and rejoicing in it.  - No doubt the faithful of Amiens, two hundred kilometers away, with no place to celebrate Mass for 30 months now, would have appreciated such a gesture. (Sources: RTL-TVI -DICI n°216, June 5, 2010)