Belgium: The Muslim Vote Is Booming in Brussels

Source: FSSPX News

On the Figaro website of February 20, 2024, Belgian honorary senator Alain Destexhe writes: “With a Pakistani imam who chanted a few verses of a surah from the podium of the Brussels Parliament, a symbolic step was taken.”

This imam was speaking at a conference “which aimed to highlight the successes and economic and social integration (sic) of the numerous Pakistani community in Brussels, but most of the speakers spoke in English or Urdu.” 

You should know that “the MP who covered the event is the socialist Hasan Koyuncu, of Turkish origin. He is the first vice-president, not of the Brussels Parliament, but of the French-speaking Brussels Parliament (welcome to labyrinth of Belgian institutions), and he will be the leading candidate of the Socialist Party in Schaerbeek, one of the two municipalities with the strongest Turkish community in Brussels, next October, for the municipal elections.”

Alain Destexhe specifies that “73% of the Turks in Belgium, who are mostly dual nationals, voted for Erdogan in the last presidential elections, much more than the Turks in Turkey (52%).”

“According to Statbel, the Belgian statistics office, 61% of the Brussels population is not of European origin and there are only 23% of Belgians of Belgian origin, a unique case for a European capital.” On February 22, on the website The European Conservative, the Irish journalist stationed in Brussels, Thomas O’Reilly wrote to the same effect:

“A Marxist-Leninist party with a strong Islamic voter base is polling in first place in the city of Brussels prior to national and European elections, overtaking erstwhile Wallonian liberals and Greens as it rallies Muslim voters disaffected by Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.”

“The Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB) has grown popular over the past decade by tapping into Turkish and Arab voters with its vocal ‘anti-Zionism’  and now seems to be Brussel’s most popular political party, with 21% of public support – eating up votes previously held by other socialist parties.”

And he added: “Belgium is not alone in witnessing the rapid rise of fusionist Islamo-Left politics. A new party launched by the Turkish diaspora hopes to enter the German Bundestag.”

“Meanwhile, in Britain, ‘Gaza George” Galloway is now the bookies’ favorite to win the Rochdale by-election, with strong support from Pakistani-background Muslim voters…”