Belgium: A religious service for homosexuals before Gay Pride demonstration

Source: FSSPX News


The Church of Notre Dame du Bon Secours in Brussels will welcome the participants of the 10th Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride (BLGP), in the streets of the capital on Saturday May 7. The organizers of the BLGP point out that the participants do not want to stay closed in on themselves, and that they want to cooperate closely with other parish communities of Brussels.

 As in previous years, says the Belgian religious information service CathoBel, the Gay Pride march will be preceded by a religious ceremony. But with a difference from previous demonstrations, the Christian homosexual associations – including the “Community of Christ the Liberator” – have decided to organize it this year in partnership with several parishes of Brussels.

 Fr. Jean Lochten, priest of the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste du Béguinage in Brussels, has assisted on several occasions at Eucharistic celebrations organized in his church by Christian homosexual associations on the occasion of the Gay Pride demonstrations. He willingly supports this type of initiative, but feels it is a shame that the parish communities of the capital are not involved more and that homosexuals operate without any outside contact.

 “They have never thought that anything else was possible,” the Jesuit explained to CathoBel. “That is why they were so surprised when I suggested the organization of the religious service in partnership with parishes of Brussels, in order to avoid them once again keeping themselves to themselves. It is really urgent to put an end to the practical excommunication of which gays and lesbians are the object in the Catholic Church, and that we stop, once and for all, excluding homosexuals on the pretext that homosexuality is a sin.”

 Fr. Lochten considers that this is an initial step as much for homosexuals as for the parish communities. This initiative enjoys the support of Mgr. Jozef De Kesel, auxiliary bishop of Malines-Brussels, who is not, however, able to participate at this celebration. The theme of the 10th BLGP is “The Family,” against a backdrop of adoption for gay couples.

 - On this subject, we can refer to the Note of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “concerning plans for legal recognition of marriage between homosexuals” of June 3 2003 (DICI no 79), August 30, 2003).