Belgium: A Trappist Beer Enthuses the Crowds

Source: FSSPX News

Exceptionally available for the moment, to finance the renovation of the abbey in which it is made, the Trappist beer Westvleteren XII aroused a veritable craze in Belgium in the beginning of November, although it is usually sold only at the abbey of Saint-Sixte de Westvleteren, in Flanders, not far from the French border.

Thousands of Belgians have been flocking to the grocery stores to buy a few liters of this very famous and very sought-after beverage, ever since a specialized American website called it “the world's best beer” in 2005.

Confronted with important financial needs, the monks decided to make an exceptional sale of 93,000 33cl six-packs in the “Colruyt” stores.  Relayed by the media, the promotion campaign launched on November 3, immediately caused waiting lines in the stores.  According to the press agency Belga, 85% of the stock was bought in one day.  The profits, that come to about 2.3 million euros, will all go towards the renovation of the abbey, indicated the Trappist monks in a letter quoted by the press agency France Presse.  A similar promotion is planned in other countries in 2012. (sources: apic/afp – DICI#245 Nov 25, 2011)