Benedict XVI confirms close associates of John Paul II in their office

Source: FSSPX News

On April 21, the new pope confirmed the close associates of John Paul II in their offices. He renamed Cardinal Angelo Sodano as Secretary of State, Mgr. Leonardo Sandri as substitute to the Secretariat of State and Mgr. Giovanni Lajolo secretary of the Holy See for relations with States, as well as the heads of dicasteries and Cardinal Edmund Casimir Szoka as the President of the Commission for the Vatican State, for an indeterminate period. As for the mandates of the secretaries of dicasteries of the Roman curia, they will continue to the end of their current quinquennium (five year period), that is, a different duration for each one depending on the date of their respective nominations

 Benedict XVI has reinstated these prelates in their offices “donec aliter provideatur” (until other arrangements are made). According to Vatican experts, these confirmations are normal at the beginning of a new pontificate. It is the procedure that the new pope either confirms or otherwise his Curia associates during the first three months. This does not prevent Benedict XVI from eventually making subsequent changes.

 With certain cardinals renewed in their office who have passed the 75 year age limit by several years, it is probable that Benedict XVI will make other nominations. But he must now appoint his successor as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The personality of the prelate who is appointed to this extremely important post will give a strong indication on the direction of his pontificate.