Benedict XVI recalls the indissolubility of marriage (June 4)

Source: FSSPX News

On June 4, talking to a group of pilgrims from Verona (northern Italy), the Holy Father recalled the necessity of living on the basis of the family, “of little domestic Churches”- according to the intention of John Paul II, from pastoral activities to social commitments.

 Observing that in the diocese of Verona, as well as everywhere else, divorces and irregular unions were increasing, Benedict XVI repeated that this constitutes for Christians “an urgent appeal to proclaim and bear witness entirely to the Gospel of Life and the Family in its integrity.”

 The family is called to be an “intimate partnership of life and love”, he continued, since it is “founded on indissoluble marriage”. In spite of the difficulties and the current social and cultural circumstances, “Christian spouses must not cease to be in their lives, the sign of faithful love of God.

 Thus, the Sovereign Pontiff called on the pilgrims of Verona to actively collaborate with priests in the pastoral care of engaged couples, young married couples and families, in bringing up new generations, and to seek, in the Eucharist “the energy necessary” for this mission.

 Furthermore, on June 4, the press office of the Holy See published a letter from Benedict XVI addressed to Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Council for the Family. In it, the pope confirms the convening of the World Congress of the Family at Valencia in Spain, in July 2006. The Spanish bishops published this letter on May 29. Mgr. Augustin Garcia-Gasco, archbishop of Valencia, then indicated that the pope intended to be present at this event in Spain. In the letter, the pope also recalls that the family is the central value for the Church and for society.