Benedict XVI wishes to keep the spirit of Vatican II always alive.

Source: FSSPX News

During the Angelus of Sunday, October 30, the pope devoted an important part of his speech to the 40th anniversary of the end Vatican Council II (1962-1965), and he emphasized the relevancy of the conciliar documents. He invited the faithful to "take hold of them again", asking them to "keep their spirit always alive".

Recalling the 40 years since Vatican, whose last session came to an end on December 8, 1965, Benedict XVI explained to the tens of thousands of faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square that "most of the conciliar documents" had in fact been "approved during the final phase of this historic Church event". "They all deserve to be remembered, because they have retained their value and reveal themselves to be, in some respects, even more relevant", he affirmed.

The pope then dwelt upon five of these documents, signed by Paul VI and the Fathers of the Council on October 28, 1965: the Decrees Christus Dominus, on the pastoral ministry of the bishops, Perfectæ caritatis, on the renewal of the religious life, and Optatam totius, on priestly formation, as well as the Declarations Gravissimum educationis, on Christian education and Notra ætate. This latter is "most topical, because it deals with the attitude of the ecclesial community towards non Christian religions", explained the pope. And he stressed that with this declaration, the Fathers of the Council, "proposed some fundamental and relevant truths." Indeed they "clearly recalled the special bond between Christians and Jews, re-affirmed their esteem for Muslims and believers of other religions, and confirmed the spirit of universal brotherhood which excludes all religious discrimination or persecution."