The Bishop of Chur in Switzerland Worried by an Attack on the Freedom of the Church

Source: FSSPX News

Mgr Vitus Huonder.

Bishop Vitus Huonder refuses to let the Church be forced by the government to grant financial aid to an association in the canton of Grisons that has an ambiguous activity, offering abortion counseling but at the same time claiming to be Catholic.


This dispute has been going on for several years. In 2011, the bishopric of Chur opposed an annual “contribution” of 15,000 Swiss francs to the association Adebar, which claims to be close to the Church but offers abundant counseling on sexuality, birth control, and abortion.

Alas, the bishopric’s claim was rejected, first by the appeals commission of the canton’s Catholic ecclesiastical corporation itself, then by the Administrative Tribunal.

Bishop Vitus Huonder has announced that he now intends to appeal to the country’s highest court, and to clarify the situation, for “if the Federal Tribunal confirms the preceding decisions,” he wrote on February 27, 2018, “we will know once and for all that the State limits the freedom of religion, because it allows an organization it created and that claims to be Catholic to act in contradiction with the profound convictions of the Catholic Faith.”