Bishop Fellay: For Love of the Church

Source: FSSPX News

Bishop Bernard Fellay has published with Via Romana a book of interviews that he gave to Robert Landers, a lay faithful who came to interview him in Menzingen in 2016.

The work introduces the Society of Saint Pius X, the origins of its founding in 1970, and the role that it plays in the heart of the Catholic Church. Far from clichés and caricatures, it sketches a portrait of the noble figure of its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, a man of faith, passionately missionary who knew how to react to the revolution in the Church.

In eight chapters, the man who was the Superior General of the Society for 24 years concentrates on the vital role of the transmission of the Faith, the safeguarding of the priesthood, the centrality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its unchanged rite, carrier of grace and sanctity. He emphasizes the importance of the catechism, prayer, the sacraments, and the sensus catolicus which finds its source in Christ’s sacrifice.

Bishop Fellay also talks about the functioning of a seminary, the apostolate of priests, the beauty of religion when it is lived with the spirit of Our Lord.

But he also warns his readers against the dangers of the world, especially this false freedom which is commonly presented as an individual emancipation to the detriment of the true, the good, and the beautiful, ignoring original sin and its consequences in human nature.

He does not dodge questions concerning the erroneous novelties spread by the handful since the Second Vatican Council, e.g., the Assisi meetings which caused confusion by putting on the same level, firstly, the true God with idols; and, secondly, the Vicar of Christ, representative of the one Church, beside the representatives of the worst sects who have fallen into schism or heresy. In moral matters, he emphasizes the tragedy of our times, in particular the Synod on the Family which has altered the very foundations of the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. Higher than the law of men, that of God does not change.

Conducted two years before the end of his term, the interview was an opportunity for Bishop Fellay to take stock of the situation of the Church, in demonstrating the vitality of Tradition and his providential role in restoring all things in Christ.

Bishop Bernard Fellay, "Pour l’amour de l’Eglise, entretiens avec Robert Landers", Via Romana, 2019, 152 pages. 

Available from the site Via Romana.