Bishop Fellay’s conference at the Courier de Rome Congress, Paris, Jan 9th 2011

Source: FSSPX News

- How do you perceive the Assisi reunion, announced for October 2011? (…)

One word mentioned by Benedict XVI is already frightening in itself. He announced this renewal of Assisi on January 1st, and he told us that the faithful, the faithful of every religion, that is, will guarantee peace in the world by remaining steadfast in their “Faith“. But what “faith” are we talking about? Isn’t that playing with words? What is Faith? And what does one mean when one applies the word “faith” to all the religions? (…) The Church does not use the word “Faith” when talking about other religions. There is only one supernatural Faith, only one Faith that is infused by God as a virtue into the soul. And only God can do that.

This Faith, to be realized, needs a supernatural object, above our nature. This object of Faith is what God knows of Himself, and to make an act of Faith, one also needs a supernatural light, which is the light of the Holy Ghost. This act (of Catholic Faith) is so different to all the other acts of faith, to all other beliefs, that one can say that until the Second Vatican Council, the Church studiously avoided using the word “faith” when referring to other religions. She used the term “heresy” and not “faith”.  This is more exact, because a heresy is a faith in error, it is a false faith, a faith that is no longer supernatural. Therefore it is no longer a virtue infused by God, it has been broken, has become a simple human criterion, a mere human judgment: “I decide that I can accept this, but that I cannot accept that“. That is exactly what Protestants do. In the Protestant belief, man decides: “I like this, I don’t like that“. But nonetheless even Luther had added an element of the “supernatural” as an aside, when he stated that the Holy Ghost inspired the soul directly. Thus he did away with the Church, which brings us the Faith: fides ex auditu, “through the teaching of the Church.” Indeed, for Luther, faith is a direct illumination from the Holy Ghost. That is why there are as many Protestant sects as there are Protestants; they multiply into infinity because each individual can be said to receive the light straight from the Holy Ghost. It becomes clear from this moment that this “faith” remains on a human level, and that’s why the Catholic Faith is different to all the other “faiths”.

(…) Assisi has become a symbol. Saying that one is going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this symbol, even if one attempts to clean it, to correct it, will not remove the meaning of the symbol. Assisi bears a message, and the only way to delete this message would be for Christ’s Vicar on earth to say, on this occasion, to all other religions: “There is only one Name under Heaven given to men by which we must be saved, and it is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Convert!” If that is the case, well then yes ! (DICI 229, Feb. 5, 2011)

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