Bishops of Kerala Rally Against Abortion

Source: FSSPX News

In the state of Kerala, India, the bishops are vigorously protesting against a federal bill aimed at extending the legal period of abortion, in the name of the “well-being” of women.

Kerala is the state of India with the highest number of Catholics: they represented 22% of the population in the last census in 2011.

In this southwestern region of the country, Christianity has very ancient roots dating back to the preaching of the Apostle Saint Thomas.

Faced with the new amendment approved by the Council of Ministers on January 29, 2020, extending the time for abortion to 24 weeks, instead of 20 previously, the bishops of Kerala protested against a measure which, once again, threatens unborn life.

“There is no difference between an unborn child and a newborn,” said Msgr. Paul Mullassery, Bishop of Quillon and chairman of the commission for the family. The prelate joined an emergency meeting on January 29 against the new federal amendment.

At the same meeting, Msgr. Joseph Kalathiparambil, Archbishop of Verapoly, denounced the project approved by New Delhi: “anyone who understands the value of a life should protest against the bill. We must not remain silent when innocent children are killed. If we choose not to react, we will all be responsible for their death. About 15.6 million abortions were performed in India in 2015. If the new law is implemented, that number will double,” warned the archbishop.

The bishops of Kerala want to find a way to make themselves heard: after their meeting on January 29, they decided to organize a protest movement on a national scale, and petitioned the federal government.