Blood of Christ, Soul of All Preaching, Save Us

Source: FSSPX News

The Precious Blood became almost omnipresent, that it might embrace all souls.

All true, simple, evangelical preaching is only the uplifted voice of the Precious Blood.

Let me tell you again that old story of the Blessed Angela of Foligno. She saw Our Lord in vision embracing some Franciscan Friars and pressing them with a yearning fondness to His wounded side.

He pressed them so closely to Him that their lips were tinged with His Blood, some

slightly, some very much; and some had their mouths all ruddy with it, so tightly had He pressed them against the wound.

He told her that these were His preachers, and that the word of the Gospel only went with power to the soul when it passed over lips that were stained with His Precious Blood. Ah, we poor preachers! we have need to hang our heads at this tale; and yet it is one full of good cheer to our humility, if only our humility be generous and brave.