Blood of Christ, Word of God Incarnate, Save Us!

Source: FSSPX News

Our view of creation should be like God’s view. We should see it, with all its countless souls, through the illuminated mist of the Precious Blood. Its spiritual scenery should be before us, everything, everywhere, goldenly red.

This is the shape, then, which our Father’s love takes to us His creatures. It is an invitation of all of us to the worship and the freedom of the Precious Blood.

It is through this Blood that He communicates to us His perfections. It is in this Blood that He has laid up His blessings for us, as in a storehouse. This is true, not only of spiritual blessings, but of all blessings whatsoever.

That the elements still wait upon us sinners, that things around us are so bright and beautiful, that pain has so many balms, that sorrow has so many alleviations, that the common course of daily Providence is so kindly and so patient, that the weight, the frequency, and the bitterness of evils are so much lightened, is all owing to the Precious Blood. It is by this Blood that He has created over again His frustrated creation. It is out of this Blood that all graces come, whether those of Mary, or those of the angels, or those of men.

It is this Blood which merits all good things for everyone. The unhappy would be more unhappy, were it not for this Blood. The wicked would be more wicked, were it not for this Blood. The flames of hell would burn many times more furiously if the shedding of this Blood had not allayed their fury.

There is not a corner of God’s creation, which is not more or less under the benignant control of the Precious Blood. Our Heavenly Father, then, may well call His creatures to gather round these marvelous fountains, and adore His wisdom and His love.

Who could have dreamed of such an invention, an invention which grows more astonishing the more we penetrate its mystery?