Books: the Christian Ideal of Motherly Love

Source: FSSPX News

The publishing house Parthénon has just reprinted a French edition of The Face of the Heavenly Mother by Cardinal Josef Mindszenty (1892 – 1975), archbishop of Esztergom, Primate of Hungary and martyr of the Hungarian resistance against Nazi and Communist totalitarianism.

The mother, together with the priest, is the most precious ally of God, the first apostle of the Church. The Virgin Mary is the most magnificent image of maternal love, also the image of the marvelous love of God for men. In the Bull Ineffabilis Deus (December 8, 1854), Pius IX exhorted the faithful to put themselves under her protection and authority:

May the children of the Catholic Church, Our beloved sons, hear Our words, so that filled each day with ever-increasing piety, veneration and love, they will continue to address honor, invocations and prayers to the Blessed Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, conceived without original sin; so that in all their dangers, in their agonies, in their necessities, in their doubts and in their fears, they may take refuge with complete confidence near this most sweet Mother of mercy and grace. For they must never fear, they must never despair, under the conduct, under the auspices, under the patronage, under the protection of the One who has for us a mother’s heart, and who, managing the business of our salvation herself, extends her solicitude to the entire human race.

The disruptions in society in recent years have turned motherhood into an especially burning issue. However, as long as mothers in accordance with God’s plan exist, new life will be born each time out of the ruins and destruction. The solidity of the foundations of peoples reposes on the respect given to motherhood. “The more humanity distances itself from God, the more difficult it becomes for it to understand and appreciate the personal contribution of the woman. (…) God, in His infinite wisdom,” writes Cardinal Mindszenty, “could have found a thousand and one ways to bring salvation to the world. Women should perceive a mark of great distinction in the fact that God appeared in the arms of a mother, and that He led His life as God made man at the side of a mother, until the end.”

Joseph Mindszenty, La Mère, miroir de Dieu, éditions Parthénon, 312 pages - 11 x 17.8 cm -15 €