Brazil: Cardinal receives award from The Gay Group of Bahia.

Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Geraldo Majella Agnelo, president of the National Bishops’ Conference of Brazil, and archbishop of Bahia, received the "Pink Triangle Trophy" (Homosexual Oscar) from the Gay Group of Bahia for having defended the rights of homosexuals. In 2005, Cardinal Agnelo had stated that it was "legitimate for homosexuals to claim the right to live in a society in which their different life-style be respected without discrimination or persecution".

"The award presented to Cardinal Agnelo will serve to open a more efficient channel of communication with the Catholic Church and to encourage the creation of a pastoral exclusively devoted to homosexuals", declared the Gay Group.

Aldo Rebelo, communist president of the Chamber of Deputies, and Fernando Gabeira, a former guerilla and leader of the Green Party, received the same award from the GGB for having "actively supported" the Lula government’s national program: "Brazil without homophobia".