Brazil: Leonardo Boff is full of hope concerning Benedict XVI

Source: FSSPX News

The Liberation theologian Leonardo Boff makes a positive judgment on the first months of pope Benedict XVI, in an interview granted to the daily El Correo of Bilbao and Vitoria, at the beginning of November. During a stay in the Basque country, where he is taking part in a meeting organized in Arantzazu by the Foundation "Naturgintza", the progressive theologian thinks that the first declarations of Benedict XVI "are pointing in the right direction".

Yet on the day after the election of Cardinal Ratzinger, this past April, he declared to the Brazilian press that "it would be difficult to like the new pope". He then thought that if the Church did not open to dialogue with science, the other religions and the other churches, it would become isolated, and drive many Christians out of it.

Seven months later, Leonardo Boff sees with satisfaction that the new pope defends Vatican Council II and declares: "I place much hope in this pope". He expresses his satisfaction at seeing Benedict XVI "making his own" the Second Vatican Council, for he was not sure this pope would do it. His second motive for satisfaction is to observe the decentralization of the institution and the value attributed again to local churches, "something which is very important because with John Paul II, we witnessed an extraordinary centralization, as if he were the only bishop".

The third motive for satisfaction of the progressive theologian is to witness the strengthening of interreligious dialogue in view of peace. "It is a good basis to start from. I place much hope in this pope, who is a keen theologian", he continued. And he affirmed that we would know more when the pope publishes his first encyclical, "which will be the political platform of his future actions".