Brazil: Priests Proposed to Pope: Ordination of Married Men

Source: FSSPX News


On February 19, at the end of the 12th meeting of Brazilian priests at the monastery of Itaci, near Sao Paulo, the 430 priests participating in the meeting addressed a letter to Benedict XVI, in which they proposed the ordination of married men, and also the reintegration into the Church of priests, who after having been obliged to leave the priesthood, are now married.

The document was approved by the 430 representatives of 18,685 priests from 9,222 parishes in Brazil. The priests do not suggest to abolish altogether priestly celibacy “which will remain an option,” according to them. The document will be given to the Congregation for the Clergy, presided over by Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, former archbishop of Sao Paulo. He attended the meeting and declared that the requests “were going against” the norms enforced in the Church, and that this latter “had no intention to change them.”

At the end of November 2006, Cardinal Dario Castrillon-Hoyos wrote in the preface to the second French edition of the book The Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy by Jesuit Fr. Christian Cochini, that priestly celibacy was a “matter of discipline” and not “a dogma.” The emeritus prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy specified that it “helped” priests to live their sacred ministry. (Source: Apic)