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Rome. The imam of the Great Mosque suspended for inciting violence

Abdel-Samie Mahmoud Ibrahim Moussa was suspended on June 14 from his post as imam of the Great Mosque of Rome. His call, issued Friday, June 6 to “wipe out the enemies of Islam” and reported in the Italian daily La Reppublica on June 7, provoked as much indignation and disapproval from Muslims as it did from Jews and Catholics as well as Italian civil authorities. The dismissed imam had called on Muslims to “destroy the enemies of Islam and to assure the victory of the nation of Islam everywhere in the world”. He had also asked God “to accord triumph to Islamic combatants in Palestine, Chechnya and everywhere else.

Netherlands: The largest casino in Europe in a former convent

What is considered to be the largest casino in Europe, according to its creators, will open Friday June 6 in the Dutch city of Breda. The building, a former Norbertine convent, was renovated over the course of two years for a sum of 82 million francs. The religious had already left their 17th century convent. It was then transformed into a barracks. During the renovation, some old painted murals decorating the chapel were discovered, renovated and displayed.

Germany. Convention between the State and the Central Jewish Council

The German parliament has unanimously adopted a convention with the Central Jewish Council. From now on the Central Council will receive an annual sum of 4.5 million for integration policy and social undertakings which it maintains for the Jews in Germany. From 1945 to 1995, the German state has been required to pay each year 500 – marks (250 -euros) per missing (or presumed missing) Jew from World War II. At the rate of 3 billion marks a year, war reparations to the Jewish community have risen to 75 billion euros.

Since the end of the Soviet Union, Germany has been witnessing a Jewish immigration. In 2002, 19,262 migrant Jews arrived in the country, which now counts close to 100,000 Jews, divided into 83 communities.

Anglicanism. Between decadence and schism

An avowed homosexual has been elected “bishop” of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, in the United States. The Episcopal Church of the United States has 2.3 million members. It is considered the most liberal of the Anglican Communion.

Similarly, another homosexual has been elected “bishop” of Reading in England. The latter nomination provoked strong reactions: eight bishops said they were ready to cause a schism if the decision were confirmed, while eight others defended the newly elected bishop. Similarly one forth of the Anglican clergy of Reading said they would leave the diocese if the decision were confirmed, while almost half saw no problem. As for the Anglican Church of Nigeria, with 17.5 million faithful, making it the most important Anglican community in the world, it announced that it would break its communion with the Church of England if this affair continued.