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Source: FSSPX News


Switzerland: Give us our daily SMS!

The Vatican is making emulators (see DICI 79) – a priest from Geneva, Fr. Bernard Fasel, is sending a thought each day to the mobile phone screen of his subscribers. The service is free, it costs no more than the price of an SMS, that is 20 Swiss centimes. These daily reflections, written by the priest himself, are for the general public, but with, however a “Catholic tinge.” It would be interesting to know the shade of this coloration: dark, light or totally insipid?

Italy: priest retained by force by his parishoners

Fr. Emilio, a capuchin of the convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour of Trasacco in Abruzzo, has been unable to leave his parish in order to take up his new post. On September 2, the faithful of this small medieval town, opposed to his departure, walled up the entrance to the church, and some have chained themselves to the railing of the portal. They know that their priest will not be replaced, and they refuse to see their parish die.