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Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos praises Mel Gibson’s The Passion

The Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos has said to the agency Aciprensa: “This film incites us to prayer and reflection, as well as a genuine contemplation. Mel Gibson has achieved something extraordinary. Through amazing technology, he has succeeded in bringing to life the Passion, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to the people of today. One of the great qualities of this work, is that it shows so well the horror of sin and of selfishness, as well as the redeeming power of love. It leads the audience to want to love more, to forgive, to be good and stronger in all circumstances, as Christ was, in the face of such pain”.

In conclusion, he said, “This film is a triumph of art and of faith. It will be a means of explaining the person and the message of Christ. I am confident that it will change everyone who goes to see it, for the better.” We can judge for ourselves when the film is released in six months time.

Devotion to which saint?

Soon we will no longer know which saint to pray to, so much has the number of canonizations increased under the present pontificate. Before the next beatification of Mother Teresa, October 19 next (see DICI n° 80), the two beatifications celebrated in Slovakia by John Paul II, at the beginning of September, brought the number of blesseds to 1321 and the saints to 473, that the pope has wished to elevate to the altars. All his predecessors put together have proclaimed no more than 310 blesseds and 300 saints.

Commotions over the instruction on the Eucharist

The instruction on the Eucharist, announced by John Paul II in the encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia, is causing some stir. The draft text is considered too conservative: 37 abuses will be denounced in it, one of which is the use of female altar servers. On the radio station France Info, the progressive journalist, Christian Terras, sees in this instruction the will of Rome for a reconciliation in favor of the traditionalists, - although it appears that there is no recognition in it of the Tridentine Mass.

Il Messagero thinks that the denunciation of applause and dancing during ceremonies would have to include the excesses seen during the liturgical celebrations …..of the Sovereign Pontiff! - Hence, it is easy to understand that a rewriting of the text is being contemplated.