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Source: FSSPX News


United-States : Lawsuits against priests for child-abuse

The archdiocese of Boston has offered a total indemnity of 85 million US$ for sex-abuse committed by priests on children, in order to bring to a close the 542 current lawsuits. A first offer of 55 million US$ made last August was rejected by the victims. The archdiocese proposal must still be negotiated between the lawyers and their clients.

France : In thirty years the number of parishes went down by half.

The Lettre d’information (Newsletter) of the French episcopate, published by Le Figaro (a mainstream newspaper) of September 20, says that "the total number of parishes is about to go down from 34,595 to about 17,555". This is accounted for not only by the exodus which depopulated the rural areas and filled the towns, but also and more specially so by the increasing lack of priests. They were 35,000 at the beginning of the 80’s, 19,000 in 2000, and soon they will be only 8,000.

Out of the 95 French dioceses, 42 have proceeded to their reorganization, 28 are in the process of "regrouping their parishes" and 10 are preparing to do so. For example, the diocese of Cambrai (Northern France) which counted 452 parishes now only has 51.

Germany : Restitution of a cloister

The elements of a medieval cloister taken away by Marshall Göring during World War II have been given back to France. It is a total of 33 tons which were shipped from the National German Museum of Nürnberg to the Cistercian Abbey of Berdoué in Gers.