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France : Anti- Halloween in Versailles

More than a thousand people took part in the first “March of the Saints” organized in the streets of Versailles on November 1, to “celebrate with joy” and “against the black message of Halloween” All Saints Day. A month ago, a group of mothers took the initiative to organize, in a playful spirit and against Halloween, a “Cathopride”, and to dress up their children as their patron saints. On the Saturday afternoon the procession left the church of Notre-Dame for the cathedral of Saint-Louis, where the bishop of Versailles, Mgr. Aumonier, was waiting for the children, who were dressed as saints, chevaliers or popes, mostly aged between 6 and 12 years.

Without using the cheap and inappropriate term “cathopride”- an allusion to “gaypride”- traditional Catholic circles in the United States have been organizing this type of event for children for several years.

Holland : Betting starts on the date of the pope’s death

A Dutch internet site has just opened for bets on the date of the death of John Paul II, the duration of the conclave and the name of his successor. The winner will receive a trip to Rome, “to see the new pope”.

This site called , “countdown for the pope”, asks three questions: on what date will John Paul II die? (the answer must be between October 2003 and September 2004); how long will the conclave be, in order to elect his successor? (between 24 hours and more than 96 hours); who will be his successor? (out of a total of 134 electors)

The statistics of the replies are updated from day to day. Thus, on October 31, it was Cardinal Adrianus Johanes Simonis of Holland, who headed the papabili, with 134 votes, followed by the Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who received 123 votes, then came an Italian, Cardinal Pio Laghi, with 43 votes. Two Italian cardinals, Camillo Ruini and Carlo Maria Martini, came after.

As for the website, it has already won its classification at the head of the most stupid sites.

France : Creation of the Association Pro “Passio”

The association Pro “Passio” has been created by the Radio Courtoisie journalist, Daniel Hamiche, close to the Institute of Christ the King, in order to react against the campaign of vilification aimed at “The Passion of Christ”, the film produced by Mel Gibson (see DICI n° 79, 81 and 82). His objective is to “support, defend and promote” this film.

In a communiqué the association stated that it could not accept that “a man of the cinema of Mel Gibson’s caliber, be ostracized for openly confessing a traditional Catholic faith. It could no longer allow his film, which is a masterly and principled film adaptation of the Gospel narratives of the Passion of our Savior, to be unjustly disparaged and impeded in its distribution, in other words, that it be prevented from attaining its goal, which is the conversion of hearts to Christ, through the distressing spectacle of the sufferings that our Redeemer freely endured, in order to redeem sinful humanity.”

Pro “Passio”, 22, rue Didot, 75014 Paris – Fax: 01. 45. 41. 29. 39.

Europe: Plans for a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella

The bishops of COMECE (Commission for the Episcopates of the European Community ) have renewed their demand for a reference to the Christian roots of Europe, in the new Constitution, during their plenary assembly in Brussels, on October 30 and 31 2003.

In order to mark the membership of the ten new member States, and the adoption of the European Constitution, COMECE are planning a pilgrimage from April 17 to 24 2004, from Santo Domingo de Silos to Santiago de Compostella, following the route taken by pilgrims of Europe for centuries. Nearly 300 pilgrims, representing different churches, and also political institutions of the Union will traverse on foot and by bus, the towns of Burgos, Leon and others.

The bishops will hold a European congress in Compostella April 23 and 24. This meeting will end with the spring plenary assembly of COMECE on April 24 2004, during the course of which the delegates of the episcopal conferences of the new member states, will be officially welcomed as fully-fledged members of COMECE.

Reminder: The association Pèlerinages de Tradition organizes a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella in two phases: from July 4 to August 4, then from August 4 to 8 (see DICI n° 81).No doubt that Catholics attached to Tradition will deem it a duty to participate.

Information from the secretary of the Association Pèlerinages de Tradition:

23 rue Poliveau – 75005 Paris. Tel.:; fax:

Email: secretariat@pelerinages-de