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Source: FSSPX News


France: Bernard Stasi reassures the pope about the veil

On January 12, John Paul II told the diplomatic corps at the Vatican that certain European countries were adopting an attitude “liable to imperil the true respect for freedom of religion”.

In a column in Le Monde on January 20, Bernard Stasi, president of the French Commission on secularism, affirms that the pope is “ill-informed”. He esteems that the Catholic Church should “on the contrary, help Islam, in a fraternal spirit, to take its place in secular France”, Catholicism being able to “serve as an example to Islam”. – No comment.

Italy: Priest candidate for Reality TV show

A 38 year old Italian priest has presented an application for the Reality TV show, broadcast by Canale 5, Il Grande Fratello, Italy’s equivalent to the French Loft Story.

Il Grande Fratello broadcasts continuously the life of twelve people confined together in a house, for more than three months. One wonders if there is a bishop at the head of the diocese where this ecclesiastical exhibitionist is running riot.