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Source: FSSPX News


The Vatican website is the main means of communication of the Vatican

The Vatican website has quantitatively become the first means of transmitting news from the press office of the Vatican on the pope and on the Holy See. The number of visits reached 22 million for 2003, or an average of 60,000 visits per day.

According to is inquest, the countries with the most number of visitors, in descending order, are: The United States, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Brazil and France.

Publication of the new pontifical directory

The Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, presented the 2004 pontifical directory to John-Paul II on February 3. It contains all the statistics of the Catholic Church in the world for the year 2002.

In total, throughout the world, 17.2% of the population is Catholic by baptism. This represents a total of 1.071 billion people out of a world population of 6.212 billion individuals. Catholics numbered 757 million in 1978. Despite this growth in the Catholic population, the number of priests remains the same.

In 2002, priests numbered 405,058 worldwide, of which 267,334 priests were diocesan compared with 266,448 in 2001, and 137,724 religious priests as opposed to 138,619 in 2001. Similarly, the number of permanent deacons and lay missionaries respectively grew from 3.1% to 3.4% during the same period.