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Source: FSSPX News


Switzerland: Shock campaign to encourage donations in Geneva

“If you don’t want your children to believe that Jesus is just the name of some Brazilian footballer, don’t forget your donations to the Church!” This is one of the advertising slogans posted on the buses in Geneva, aimed at stimulating the generosity of faithful Catholics. In the same vein: “If you don’t want to pass via The Bachelor to have the right to a real marriage, don’t forget your contribution to the Church!” Or: “So your children never have to take part in Star Academy [reference to Swiss TV show] to celebrate the Lord in song, don’t forget your contribution”.

This campaign follows on the heels of the one from last year: “In 2016, there may be no more priests left in Geneva to celebrate marriages. But never mind, your local church will have been transformed into a discotheque in any case”. The result: a 37% increase in Church donations.

The man behind all this is Bishop Pierre Farine, considered by his faithful as a specialist in raking in the money…

Great Britain: Bets on the papal succession

The Catholic Church in Great Britain has described as “immoral” and in “bad taste” the wagers offered by two bookmakers, which speculate on the pope’s state of health.

These wagers on the name of the cardinal who will become the next pope are ethically unacceptable, maintains Bishop Thomas McMahon in the columns of the Sunday Telegraph of London. The bishop of Brentwood also pointed out that the current pope is “still alive and is very strong. Speculating on what will happen after his death is detestable. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit may choose the most unexpected candidate.”

The current favorite of both bookmakers, “Paddy Power” and “Betfair”, is the archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi. – In Rome, the gossips are hinting that the party concerned is betting on himself.