In Brief

Source: FSSPX News


Denmark: Spiritual direction at a price

After having been the 25th pastor of the Lutheran Church in Denmark, Mrs. Jette Dahl has decided to give up her ministry, her stipend and her Church accommodation, in order to become the country’s first spiritual guide. Her hierarchy having failed to find the funds necessary for her maintenance, she will ask for around 80 € for a 90 minute session of spiritual consultation.- Pastor, then mercenary.

New Zealand: A lite communion wine

A new tax on alcohol has forced the Church in New Zealand to forego communion wine with a high alcohol content. In order to fight against the ravages of alcohol, particularly among young people, the government has decided to impose much heavier taxes on spirits, liqueurs and wines containing 14% or more alcohol. This has obliged producers to provide from now on, a lite communion wine.

Poland: Alcohol level "pas très catholique" (a French way of saying shady or suspect)

A Benedictine nun, drunk at the wheel of a tractor, crashed into a parked car at the entrance to her convent at Krzeszow, in the south west of Poland. According to a local police spokesman, the breathalyzer test could not be carried out because the nun was not in a fit state to blow into the machine. It was necessary to carry out a blood test.

Aged 45 she risks the confiscation of her driving license, and a fine for driving and crashing in a drunken state.- It is not known whether this daughter of St. Benedict had a weakness for the Benedictine liqueur.