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Source: FSSPX News


Publication of the 2005 Pontifical Directory

The 2005 Pontifical Directory, a reference work of more than 2,000 pages, was presented to the pope on January 31, 2005. There one can learn that America (North and South) includes 49.8% of the world’s Catholics, while Europe has 25.8%, Africa 13.2% , Asia 10.4% and Oceania 0.8%.

Beatification of Charles de Foucauld

Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) will be beatified at the Vatican on May 15, 2005, Pentecost Sunday, with seven martyrs of the Spanish Civil War and three nuns. The pope wanted to beatify Charles de Foucauld – in whose life the Eucharist occupied a central place – during this year 2005, dedicated to the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Dignitas connubii

The Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts published, on February 8, an instruction entitled Dignitas connubii (The Dignity of Marriage) as a guide on how to handle causes of nullity of marriage to be used by diocesan and interdiocesan tribunals. According to the Statistical Directory of the Church for the year 2002, the number of ordinary cases in the entire world, on their initial judgment, was 56,236, of which 46,092 ended up with a declaration of nullity. In Rome, the Tribunal of the Roman Rota which must hear appeals for requests for declarations of nullity, judged initially by diocesan tribunals, saw its activity almost double in ten years. There were 824 causes judged in 1992, which jumped to 1280 in 2002. The “immaturity of the spouses” during their engagement is the reason most often cited at the start of the hearings, which is why annulments are often referred to as “Catholic divorce”. Some canonists are beginning to be aware of the abuse represented by this cause of nullity.

Courses on exorcism

On February 17, about a hundred priests took the first of a series of seven courses on exorcism at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome, the first of a series of seven courses on exorcism.  This first course was given by Fr. Gabriele Nanni, 46 and a doctor in canon law as well as exorcist of the diocese of Modena. The return of exorcists is linked to the “rise in strength of the sects, occultism, interest in magic, pseudo-mystic experiences and especially Satanism”, acknowledged Fr. Scafaroni, rector of the Regina Apostolorum University.