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Source: FSSPX News


Stamps "Sede vacante", rare today, expensive tomorrow

The postal stamps issued while the Holy See was vacant sold out quickly. You had to wait one to two hours to purchase the series of three stamps : 60 cents of euro (printed in blue), 62 cents  (red) and 80 cents (green). These stamps "Sede Vacante 2005" show an angel under a yellow and rose sun umbrella. They were sold only in the post offices of the Vatican. Their validity is limited to the time of the vacancy of the Apostolic See.


Sale of the last series of euros stamped with the image of John Paul II

The numismatic Office of the Vatican City sold the last series of euros stamped with the image of John Paul II on April 28 2005. Price for the boxed set was 23 euros (versus 21 euros in 2004 and 15 euros in 2003). This sale had been planned before the death of John Paul II on April 2, 2005.

As the currency of the Vatican State, these coins have a legal value in all the European countries. However, because they are rare, they are preciously kept by their owners, and it is well nigh impossible to find them used.


Benedict XVI and electronic auctions

Websites of electronic auctions offer to collectors items stamped with the name of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger or of Pope Benedict XVI : mugs, envelopes stamped on the day of the election, signatures of the former Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith…

The special edition of the Osservatore Romano announcing the election of the Sovereign Pontiff is in great demand. An American collector obtained a copy after offering the equivalent of 26 euros. The auction began at one dollar.


Volkswagen to build a "papamobile"

The German company Volkswagen took the opportunity offered by the election of a German pope to improve its publicity. It plans on building a bullet-proof car for the visit of Benedict XVI in Köln, on the occasion of WYD, next August. Volkswagen is one of the main sponsors of the upcoming WYD.