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Source: FSSPX News


United-Kingdom: A publicity drive for vocations

Cardinal Murphy O’Connor of Westminster decided to launch an advertising campaign with the beer mats freely distributed in British pubs, and posters in the underground to recruit new priests. Henceforth, the walls of the "tube,” the London underground, will advertise vocations; and similarly the beer mats in your neighboring pub.

The cardinal wants to tackle the problem of the lack of priests with a resolutely businesslike publicity. He fears that in the future, many parishes will have no pastor in the rectory because of the lack of vocations. If this campaign is a success, all the parishes of Great Britain may follow the lead.

The number of priests in the diocese of Westminster dropped from 850 to 600 in fifteen years. It is one of the most populated dioceses in Great Britain, comprising especially the London areas north of the Thames.


Switzerland: A football match for vocations

On the occasion of the Year for Priestly Vocations in Switzerland, the Romand Center of Vocations (CRV) in Lausanne is organizing a football match between priests and players, in Nyon, on Monday, June 13, at 7:00 pm. The CRV thus carries on with its program of media events aimed at making young men sensitive to God’s call. (See DICI n° 116)

Refereed by Fr. François-Xavier Amherdt, a fan of football, and former referee at national level, who is responsible for the Romand Institute for training to the ministry (IFM), this friendly match will oppose priests and players. The priestly team, trained by Fr. Guy Oberson, winner of the medal of sports merit in Fribourg (2003), and pastor of Renens, will be composed of 11 ecclesiastics including Fr. Modeste Kisambu Muteba, pastor of Courtepin.


France: The Te Deum on the web

In 2004, on the occasion of the commemoration of the third centenary of the death of Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704), the French ministry of Culture and communication launched a website dedicated to the composer. Audio excerpts and numerous archive documents illustrate the presentation of the life and work of the music master of the children of the Sainte-Chapelle. Address:


United States: 37% of Americans favorable to religious influence on political decisions

A poll taken last May by the Ipsos Institute among one thousand adults in each of the consulted countries reveals the marked interest of Americans for a religious guidance on political conduct. They are followed by 30% of Italians, and 25% of Canadians. Only 15% of Frenchmen deem necessary the influence of religion on politics.

Questioned about the existence of God, 80% of Mexicans answer positively, and so do 70% of Americans, 50% of Italians and 43% of Canadians. While 19% of the French declare themselves atheists, only 1% of Mexicans, 2% of Americans and 6% of Canadians do so.


Canada: Flight of Quebec religious patrimony abroad

Two deputies from Quebec National Assembly, Bernard Brodeur and André Boulerice, are fighting for the protection of the religious patrimony of Quebec. As it is, the pastors of churches deserted by the faithful (the 80% of Quebec practicing Catholics in 1960 have dropped to a mere 5%) are selling off religious goods. Thus the most beautiful collection of religious paintings of Quebec dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries is now in Chicago. If the clergy is the owner of the patrimony, the State has nevertheless a right of control over these sales according to the two deputies, by reason of the tax exemptions and property tax exemptions it grants to the Church. Consequently, they wish to place legal limits to this trade of religious art.