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Source: FSSPX News


Vatican: Clericus Cup Final

 Since February, sixteen teams, 321 players from 51 countries have faced each other for the Clericus Cup, the first football Championship organized under the patronage of the Vatican and open solely to the seminarians of the Pontifical universities. The final saw the Lateran University competing against the Redemptoris Mater Institute of the Neo-catechumenate Way. The 1-0 score allowed the Redemptoris Mater players to take the trophy, a silver ball topped with a roman hat and endowed with football boots.


Italy: The future of Latin in Europe

 On May 25 and 26, 2007, the Italian Council of Scientific Research and the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences organized an international congress in Rome, entitled The future of Latin, a language for the construction of the European identity.

 Researchers, writers, journalists and politicians followed the presentations on: ‘the role of Latin in the formation of Europe’, ‘the relevance and the place of Latin in science and culture’ and ‘policies to put in place for the development of the teaching of Latin’.

At the close of this congress, Mgr. Walter Brandmüller, President of the Committee for Historical Sciences, awarded the prize for the second journalistic competition Ad Fontes, which gives an award for a publication on classical languages, to Giorgio Ierano, author of an article which appeared in the Italian periodical Panorama on April 27, 2007, entitled “Cicero, better than Rock”.