Brief Catechism About the Third Secret and the Crisis in the Church

Source: FSSPX News

15. Can we know the contents of the Third Secret?

Though it has not yet been revealed by the Catholic hierarchy, we can know the contents because we know its context, the circumstances of its writing, the date it was supposed to be revealed, and the reactions and statements of many who read it.

16. What is the context of the Third Secret of Fatima?

The Secret is in three parts, the first two of which concern the salvation of souls and the conversion of Russia, while the concluding words tell us that the Dogma of faith will always be preserved in Portugal, and that Russia would finally be consecrated, and that a period of peace would be given to the world. This clearly implies that:

a) Faith will be endangered by Russia spreading its errors throughout the world, including in the Church itself,

b) Russia will not be consecrated until politics with Communism have been abandoned,

c) terrible wars and persecutions will occur.

17. What were the circumstances of the writing of the Secret?

The Secret was written down in great turmoil and anguish of soul, such that Lucia needed a special visit of Our Lady to enable her to commit the secret to writing. This tells us that it must be a very serious matter indeed. Pope John Paul II supported this clue since he once said that it was not advisable to reveal the Third Secret just as it would not be advisable to reveal a universal flood that would kill millions of people.

18. Why is 1960 so significant?

Our Lady said it should be revealed by 1960 because it would be more evident by that time. As a result, many Catholics worldwide were waiting for the revelation of the Third Secret in 1960, and they were profoundly disappointed that it was not revealed. This time was chosen because the world began to change in an unprecedented manner in the 1960s. In other words, as Fatima experts have affirmed, the Third Secret is being fulfilled now in our times.

19. What were the principal changes of the 1960s?

In the world, there was the sexual revolution, promoted by Rock n Roll and Television, whereby men and women were put on the same footing, and which would lead to the increase of every form of immorality, including homosexuality. In the Church, there was the Second Vatican Council which took place from 1962 – 1965 and which profoundly modified Catholic belief, ceremony and morals to the extent of being a true revolution of thought and practice.

20. Why did the Popes since 1960 not reveal the Third Secret?

The Popes since 1960 have said that the secret was not for our times and would not be understood by men today, as it would provoke some kind of mass hysteria. In the final analysis, the Consecration of Russia requires that the Popes abandon the policy of compromise with Communism. Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary requires that the Popes abandon Ecumenism with non-Catholics. But the Popes have not wanted to abandon these Vatican II policies. This is why Sr. Lucia began to speak of a “diabolical disorientation” taking place within the Church.

21. What are the chief testimonies of experts who have read the Third Secret?

Though Lucia could not reveal the Secret, she did tell Fr. Augustin Fuentes in 1957 that it did not consist in wars and temporal punishments, but that the Secret entailed a special diabolic attack upon Priestly and religious souls. In the 1980s, Sr. Lucia said: “The chastisement predicted by Our Lady had already begun.”

The renowned expert on Fatima, Fr. Alonso, said that since the Secret concluded by saying that the dogma would be preserved in Portugal, there was an implication it would be lost everywhere else, with the positive duplicity of the Roman Catholic Clergy.

22. What are the chief testimonies of high ranking clergy who have read the Third Secret?

In 1984, the Bishop of Fatima, Alberto Cosme do Amaral said: “Its content (Third Secret’s) concerns only our faith ... the loss of Faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is truth that Faith is continually diminishing in Europe.”

In 1995, Cardinal Ciappi, who had been Papal theologian to 5 Popes over 40 years said:

“In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church begins at the top.”

23. What then is the essential meaning of the Third Secret of Fatima?

Clearly, the Third Secret treats of a worldwide crisis in the Catholic Faith starting from the top levels of the Catholic clergy and working down.

It is clearly a warning against the changes made by the Catholic hierarchy over the past 45 years in Catholic teaching, liturgy and morals, and a severe judgment upon the devastating effects these changes cause by the loss of so many souls.

“To save them, God wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.”

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