A busy summer at Holy Cross Seminary in Australia

Source: FSSPX News


Since Christmas there had been three Ignatian retreats for 75 retreatants, as well as a third order Carmelite retreat for 22 retreatants and a 10 day boys’ camp. Here are the dates for the very popular Ignatian retreats that will be preached at the seminary during the school vacations this year. A five day men’s Ignatian retreat will take place from Sunday June 15 – Friday June 20 and a five day women’s retreat from Monday September 22 – Saturday September 27.

During the month of January the three teachers for the new Minor Seminary arrived, and started preparing their classes, and then just last week 15 boys arrived, the biggest delegations being from West Australia and Victoria (5 each), but with representatives also from N.S.W. (1), Queensland (1) and the U.S. (3) After a brief Ignatian retreat, they plunged immediately into their classes. A skeleton crew of seminarians, along with several volunteers, has kept the Seminary going during this busy time.

In addition, two very successful working bees took place during the month of January, one for men on January 11, finishing off the classrooms for the Minor Seminary and for women on January 20 & 21, cleaning and repainting the kitchen. There will be a follow up working bee for both men and women on Saturday March 29. It would be a great sacrifice and act of charity for Lent. Please let us know if you are able to make it.

The month of February at Holy Cross started off in a very busy way. The 15 Minor Seminarians arrived to start the first and new year for the Minor Seminary on Saturday February 1. Then the very next day, 22 Third Order Carmelite retreatants arrived to begin their annual retreat. For the following week the house was filled to the gills, with four of the Minor Seminarians having to stay in the barn, and the volunteer cooks having to board with friends of the Seminary.

On Saturday February 15, just as the women retreatants were leaving, sanctified by the retreat, the Seminary received two welcome additions to the community. The first was Brother Joseph, the oldest of the Society’s brothers in Australia, who has spent the past 15 years in Rockdale. His addition will bring the community of Brothers to four members, the other brothers being Brother Peter, Brother Bernadine and Brother Xavier. The community life of Brothers is essential to their vocation and to the Seminary. The well formed and established community of four brothers will help this a great deal. Brother Joseph has been reassigned to Holy Cross Seminary to help with the Minor Seminary and also to help in the incredibly challenging task of maintaining these old and rundown buildings. He will be looking for all the volunteer help he can find in this challenging task. He will be teaching the Minor Seminarians their weekly woodworking and construction class, as well as his responsibilities for their supervision. The second addition was Anthony Garner, who arrived two weeks late to join the Minor Seminary. He was the sixteenth Minor Seminarian to arrive.