A Call to Christians to Return to Iraq

Source: FSSPX News

Mgr Louis Raphaël Sako.

The Catholic Patriarch of the Chaldean Rite, Patriarch Louis Raphaël Sako, has no intention of resigning himself to the slow agony of the Eastern Christians. With the progressive liberation of Iraq from the Islamic State, the patriarch is calling on the faithful to return in order to rebuild the country.

In a letter published on July 3, 2017, the prelate exhorted the bishops, priests, religious, and faithful to enter more fully into the mystery of the Church “in the particularly difficult circumstances” that mark the present moment.

For the patriarch, the most painful and harmful issue to hit the Christian community is the mass escape from Mosul and Nineveh Plain, not to mention all the families that had to emigrate to Western countries.

As the time for rebuilding timidly dawns, Patriarch Sako recalls that the Church is a society that embraces all the faithful and calls into question the responsibilities of each of them: Christians must “come out of their litigious individualism and to join forces to contribute together to peace and national reconstruction”.

After three long years of occupation by the disciples of Muhammad, the patriarch’s primary goal is to "stay and work for our country", generously contributing to campaigns “to promote the return of expatriates and displaced persons to their lands and homes”.