Cameroon: The Archdiocese of Yaoundé starts its own radio station.

Source: FSSPX News


The archdiocese of Yaoundé now has its own radio station. The first tests took place on May 18. Radio-Communautaire-Jeunesse-FM (RCJ-FM) "fills in a void, because the archdiocese had only one means of media communication: written press with a magazine Nled-Ensemble,” declared Fr. George Bala Owono, director of communication in the archdiocese.

"The radio has a vocation to instruct the youth in all the areas of life, so as to lead them to a sound vision of the world.” It is a station "made by young people for young people.” Its setting up "is in line with the goals of the pastoral plan of the archbishop of Yaoundé who thinks that his diocese must not operate apart from the world’s evolution.” "In this sense we must procure all the means necessary to make us known, to inform the faithful of the decisions concerning the life of the archdiocese,” specified Fr. Owono.

The program schedule is not yet established in any final way. The team of 10 volunteers is not quite operational. It is following a formation session in animation and management under the guidance of a team from UNESCO, which donated the radio equipment. In the present experimental phase, programs mainly consist of communiqués and circular letters of the archbishop of Yaoundé, Bishop Victor Tonye Bakot. The animators also offer readings from the biblical texts of the day as well as the lives of saints.