Cameroon: Call to order from the archbishop of Yaoundé

Source: FSSPX News


The Cameroonian dailies Mutations and Le Messager reported the sermon of Mgr. Simon-Victor Tonye Bakot, archbishop of Yaoundé, given at Christmas. The archbishop strongly condemned the practice “against nature” of homosexuality which was becoming widespread in the country, a “vileness” which imperiled marriage, the family and society, pointing out that it was an “expression of the powers of evil presented today as the key to success.” “In the name of social success, in the name of admission to a great school, the way of homosexuality is being proposed to young people,” he lamented.

 Mgr. Simon-Victor Tonye Bakot condemned the tyranny of power and wealth and the development of Satanic sects. “In our society, what counts is what you have or have not, there is a lack of respect for life. It is the pursuit of the material at all costs, the riches of this world and power.” For the sake of modernism, the Cameroonians are copying the way of life of other peoples, especially the Europeans, he lamented.