Cameroon: Profanation of the Cathedral of Yaoundé

Source: FSSPX News

A group of 200 street children in Yaoundé (Cameroon) entered the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories by force on November 7, 2012, and threw a corpse in front of the altar.  After ten days of purification, the building was able to reopen its doors.  Father Antoine Roger Evouna, rector of the cathedral, recounted the sequence of events in the daily newspaper Cameroon Tribune dated November 19, 2012:  “As we were leaving the 12:00 noon Mass, we were surprised by a group of furious youngsters.  They forced their way into the building while the faithful were adoring the Blessed Sacrament.  They were armed with knives.  They were carrying a body that had been lying on the other side of the street and they came to throw it in front of the altar.”

In the morning, these homeless children had called on the military firemen to take away the body of one of their comrades who had died a few hours earlier.  But once they had arrived on the premises, the firemen demanded a contribution of 10,000 francs CFA (15 Euros), which provoked the anger of the children who, according to witnesses, were encouraged by street vendors and thus forced the doors of the cathedral.

According to Father Evouna, “other acts of outrage take place regularly at the cathedral.  It happens that unknown individuals urinate and defecate in the church.  Some initiates of ‘mystical’ circles come in to distribute magical documents or to consult spirits (divination).  Recently a couple was caught on the cathedral grounds in the act of trying to bury a live cat.”  (Sources:  apic/Cameroon-Tribune – DICI no. 266 dated December 7, 2012)