Canada: Bishops encourage the development of Christian radio stations.

Source: FSSPX News


The Catholic Church in Canada encourages the development of Christian radio stations. Stressing their important role in transmitting the faith, the episcopal Commission for Social Communications of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Canada (CECC) published a practical guidebook. It wishes to encourage Christian circles to equip themselves with a radio station.

This media is in full expansion in the world, and not less than 1,600 radios have a connection with the Catholic Church in the world, according to the CECC’s estimation. If pioneers like Radio Galilée (Québec) and Radio Ville-Marie (Montreal and Sherbrooke – soon to be present in Mauricie) already reach an audience of several thousand people, more and more projects of Christian radios are getting underway in Canada.

According to the president of the Commission, Bishop Martin Veillette, bishop of Three-Rivers, radio present everywhere and at all time, is certainly the most popular and most universal media. "We can use it more by progressively developing new instruments, stations whose first mission will be to contribute to the broadcasting of evangelical values,” he stressed.

The episcopal Commission published this new "practical guidebook" for the intention of the collaborators of interested dioceses, so as to make it easier for them to go through the necessary steps for the creation and development of a radio station. – This document also lists parish radio stations, 22 of them in all.